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MobiPixie Review: Advanved Photo Sharing and Social Media App


As smartphones get increasingly advanced, we have become more dependent on our mobile phone cameras for clicking pictures and capturing memorable moments.

Photo-sharing apps are great, not just at an individual level, but are great tools that small businesses can leverage as well. It’s a superb way for businesses to connect with their consumers and keep them updated about the latest products being launched. Businesses can use mobipixie to create to connect and engage with their customers.
MobiPixie_Main Screen
A Tool For Small Businesses

Small businesses can benefit by using photo-sharing apps to create personalized e-cards for their customers and build a better rapport with their top clients.

With Mobipixie they can also build their brand value by incorporating product pictures or behind the scenes pictures in their e-cards.

The app makes creating attractive e-cards and sharing them with customers cost-effective and easy.
How Does MobiPixie Work?

The mobile app, MobiPixie, takes this a step further, letting users share the photos they click with their social networks and even design custom greeting cards with these photos. With this app, users can now share with their social networks pictures they click almost instantaneously, letting their world know what all they see and experience.

What’s So Great About The App?

It’s a cloud-based solution that lets users manage their photos more conveniently through their phones, and share them with social groups that they can create. The best thing about these social groups is that users have complete control over which users in their networks get to view their photos.

It’s also a social network in itself, where users can find their friends or invite friends to join, and even search for photos uploaded by their friends.

The app also comes with an inbuilt Flash-based tool that lets users design their own greeting cards using the photos they click. Users can edit the images while creating the greeting cards and even add their own personalized messages to the cards.

These cards can be shared directly with other users as e-cards or printed out to be used as regular greeting cards. One of the best features about the app is the integration with Facebook so that users can directly post these greeting cards onto their friends’ walls.

The Downside

The only downside we could find in the app is the limitation in terms of enhancing the images clicked. In the age of Instagram where users can apply automatic filters and effects to bring out the best in their images, we only wish MobiPixie could also let users magically enhance their images in a similar manner. Hopefully, that’s something the developers’ team is working on and we can find auto-effects in the upcoming versions of this app.

MobiPixie is also available as a web application, and although originally designed as an Android app, has recently been made available to iPhone users as well. The development team has also announced that BlackBerry users will soon get this app as well.

Link to Download the app: MobiPixie


Be Aware of Sexual Offenders : Rapid Protect


Whether you are a concerned parent or husband, watching over your loved one is simple not possible 24 × 7. Moreover with increasing number of sexual offense cases and rapes, you still have to stay alert.

Did you ever think that technology can help you with the matter?

No you don’t need to buy expensive piece of equipment or tracking devices. You phone can help you out with the Sexual Offender app. This is a small step towards assuring safety of your loved ones. Although one cannot predict the occurrence of such crimes, you can increase the odds of safety with this app.


What does Sexual Offender  has to offer actually?

It helps you in the following ways.

1. Search Offenders NearbyWorking closely with the law records, this app has access to database of sexual offenders. Believe it or not, you can’t distinguish offenders by their look or way of dressings. That’s where this app helps; it allows you to search for sexual offends in a certain location. You can look for people around your house or may be at a place where you children are going for a holiday and other similar locations. Sexual Offender  offers accurate results being fetched from reliable databases that keep you updated.

2. Let Loved Ones KnowObviously you can’t push somebody to download this app and keep a tab on offenders. However what you can do is download this app and keep your family member updated. It allows your family members know about details on a place they might be visiting for living. These members have to be in your phonebook address to fetch details. In fact you can also send them alerts if any positive results are found. This little step of concern might help them select a better workplace or home.

3. Custom SearchIt is also very much possible that the offender is living at the previous address. He/ She might have moved on to a new place, city but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get their details. Custom search option of Sexual Offender allows you to search by his/her name. Just enter the full name and the app will pull out the list of offenders by the name (if any). This is also helpful if you have any suspect in mind who is working or dating your family member.

4. Availability Sexual Offender  is being developed extensively to ensure that you get the best of search results. More and more updated databases are being connected with this wonderful app. In fact, even after you download it, this app will not stop getting the new details.

The idea is simple yet effective to help everybody body. No matter what phone you use, wider availability helps you use it with all popular handsets. What’s better is that it has user-friendly interface that facilitates ease of use even if you are not that tech-savvy.

Link to download the app: Rapid Protect

Samsung Galaxy S4 lands at Verizon in May


Verizon subscribers awaiting Samsung’s Galaxy S4 will be able to pick one up next month.

The carrier tweeted late yesterday that the S4 will arrive in May, and it promised to reveal more details soon via the Samsung Mobile US Twitter account.

Verizon is the last major U.S. carrier to chime in with a time frame for the Galaxy S4.


RapidProtect — The Best Family Safety and Tracking App

rDialer : A Series Of SIP VoIP And Calling Card Dialers For Mobile Phones

Rapidsoft Systems, a leading developer of Mobile VoIP and other advanced technology solutions, continues to enhance and add new features to its popular rDialer Series of Mobile Dialers and Mobile SIP SoftPhones. The company offers several white labeled VoIP products for the VoIP operators, and subscribers. Rapidsoft Systems is pioneer in developing VoIP solutions such as SIP dialers. It has been involved in the development of SIP Solutions for over 10 years. So, with new release of dialers, it strengthens its position in this segment.

The newly released dialers have better user interface, clear indication of server registration and other advanced features such as multiple SIP accounts or call recording support. rDialer series of Mobile Dialers are available in two forms:

1. SIP Based VoIP Mobile Dialers: These dialers use SIP protocol to dial out a number. They use data networks to make outgoing call, or accept incoming call on a cellular network. A SIP server/proxy is needed the software to work.

The company offers SIP Dialers on iPhone, Android and BB. It promises to release new dialers on PC and Symbian (J2ME) soon.

2. Call Though, Callback or Calling Card Mobile Dialers: These dialers use cellular link to call out and called number is dialed as extension using DTMF. These are used to save time by pre-entering calling card information or dialing a selected access number. rDialers-CC are available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows PCs.

Gurbinder Mavi, Sales VP of Rapidsoft Systems said, ” rDialers have emerged as leading quality SIP dialers for VoIP OEMs. They let new VoIP service providers launch their mobile calling services in a matter of days. The best part is that the company has kept dialers easy to use and configure for non-technical users. That is one of the reasons for their popularity“.

The company has recently made consumer versions of these products in the mobile app market places. Rapidsoft Systems offers white labeled rDialer for VOIP operators. The rDialers are integrated with their network and the VoIP systems for balance update and credit update etc. The more information is available at The links for rDialer downloads are given below:

Google Android Market Place:

rDialer Calling Card or Call-Through Dialer:

rDialer SIP SoftPhone Dialer:

Apple iPhone ITune MarketPlace:

rDialer Calling Card or Call-Through Dialer

rDialer SIP SoftPhone Dialer:

RIM Blackberry OS Market Place:

rDialer SIP SoftPhone Dialer:
TBD – in Process at BB. Expected Release Oct 15th

rDialer Calling Card or Call-Through Dialer:

About RapidSoft Systems, Inc:

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. ( is a leading IT Outsourcing & Offshore Software Product Development company that has its main office in Princeton, NJ, USA. The company has a R&D Center in Mercerville NJ, sales, support and development offices in Palo Alto, CA, USA, Dubai (UAE), and Noida (India). It has a subsidiary – Mobisoft Technologies ( devoted to mobile apps development.

Rapidsoft Systems, Inc. competence lies in its ability to offer full software product lifecycle services in verticals such as Mobile, Networking, Healthcare, OSS, VoIP, Embedded, Business Intelligence, Security, Finance, Logistics, Web 2.0 Social Networking, Media & Entertainment, Gaming, Travel & Hospitality, Education & Training, Web Applications and Retail. Its technology expertise includes Java/J2EE, C/C++, PHP, MYSQL, RDMS, Open Source, Oracle, CRM, J2ME, Google Android, Blackberry, Qulcomm Brew, iPhone Development/ iPAD, Windows Mobile, Flash and Symbian platforms.

RapidPRotect– A best family tracking mobile app
Rapidsoftsystems– A software and Hardware development Caompany, USA

Rapid Protect: The Most Advanced Location Tracking and Family Protection Application

As a parent,friend and business men, there are many reasons you may want to track your child, friend and Business members(Sales person etc). A Mobile app can help you to track your family members and locate them on map using GPS technology.

The technology behind GPS has created a wide range of products and services for consumers and the public sector, which can effectively track virtually anything on the planet. They are used to monitor where our runaway pets have gone, where our vehicles are and offer us real time pictures of various locations around the globe.

GPS tracking involves the use of satellites in space that have access to all positions on earth. There are up to thirty- two satellites currently being used in GPS activities in space. There must be a ground control station that collects the information from the satellites and the devices that are used by consumers or government entities.

Now a days, there are many uses of GPS tracking in our personal life and business enterprises ensures that there will be many more uses and devices developed to make life easier for everyone.

According to the need of parents, firends and enterprices, a Mobile app “RapidProtect” is already in the market with great concept and very useful to make life easier and protected. RapidProtect is designed to address the growing need of security, safety and collaboration for individuals and businesses.

As of today RapidProtect users of mobile devices running the iOS, Android, Blackberry and J2ME operating system can keep tabs on friends,loved ones, business members by taking advantage of RapidProtect, a perfect powerful family and friend location-finder app.

The fact is Besides tracking the location of your family/business members and message checkins, RapidProtect include many innovative collaboration features such as photo check-ins, photo sharing, geo-fencing, geo-tagging, in-app secure chat, location tagging etc. These features, which took about a year to develop, put the Rapid Protect Apps way ahead of its nearest competition in the location based mobile apps area.


Kind of GPS solutions:

Family Safety:In a rapidly changing security environment with all kinds of natural and manmade threats around us, the well being of family members is a major concern for all of us. Adults worry about their childrens’ or elderly parents’ whereabouts and well being at all times. Accidents, terrible attacks, kidnapping, terrorist events occur every day in some part of the world. The ability to use all available resources and channels to provide quick help to family members when needed is very important. This growing urgency of personal and family safety is what RapidProtect is trying to address with a set of integrated technologies that include mobile applications, voice technologies, collaboration tools and other data enabled services.

Family Collaboration: Family-Centered platform to strengthen family bonds by providing you features that help you collaborate with your family members. In today’s busy life, family members are always mobile. Whether you are running your children to sports activities or driving them to their after school hour enrichment programs, you always have need to maintain connectivity with other family members. Rapid Protect has a built a robust set of collaboration services in its platform and applications. These serviecs increase your productivity and frees up your time to do things that you always wanted to so. We have added many exciting collaboration serviecs be it to share your data like pictures, audio, videos or share doctor’s appointment reminders, rapid Protect does it all for you. Please check availability of a feature with your plan as not all features arae available on every phone app. Some features may be in limited release and will have general release as soon as we beleive that they are ready for wider use.

Crime Monitoring: Rapid Protect integration several features to ensure the safety your family like offender search

Home Safety: The need for a 24-hour monitored protection is critical now more than ever. With the help of Rapid Protect Products focus on safety of your home, your business and personal security must be top priorities. RapidProtect are experts in the field of Home Safety Products and you place in us a level of trust far beyond that of most every other service provider in your life.


GPS Time Tracker: GPS TimeTrack and WorkForce Management Software, organizations can control all their field operation. Organizations with employees in the field can see their exact locations on Google Maps in near real time, plan their schedules, gather data from the field and simplify the payroll process. We provide you tools to interact with your field staff in real time. With the most sophisticated work force management application in the market, you can assign employee to shifts and locations and map them in the real time. As one of the world.s leading mobile enterprise solutions, Rapid Protect GPS TimeTrack helps organizations meet their productivity and service goals for about $1 per day per user. Rapid Protect GPS TimeTrack consists of a downloadable app for mobile devices available for all major Mobile platforms, a secure cloud-hosted management console that can be accessed from any web-browser, and optional data exchange and integration. Rapid Protect WorkForce Management Solution include a powerful work scheduling and assignment software that lets you assign workers to different locations and update their time schedules in real time.

Field Asset Tracker: Rapid Protect provides mobile asset management solutions for organizations responsible for maintaining, tracking, operating, and inspecting enterprise assets. With Rapid Protect mobile applications, customers can improve preventive maintenance ratios, reduce equipment downtime, and enhance field asset visibility.

Asset locations are available in real time in a web interface or on a Smartphone. This enables operators to faster locate and dispatch workers or vehicles, directly find the most suitable resource for the services improving customer service and cutting costs. Mobile based asset tracking has minimal costs because all you need is a mobile device that every one has these days.

Workforce Management: When you have multiple sites or running a service organization, dispatching workers optimaally is always a challenge. Manual scheduling of worker is very error prone and time consuming. Mobile applications let employee report their job assignment and competion reports from the field. With this information in place, you can send the nearest employees to each job, saving time and fuel. Track jobs at every stage and keep records. All of which means faster, better service and happier customers.

RapidProtect Field WorkForce Manager is a powerful web and mobile application that offers location management, driving directions, job dispatch and more. Field Force Manager has two parts: a power web-based management application at the home office and a mobile phone console for remote employees. We provide you tools to interact with your field staff in real time. With the most sophisticated work force management application in the market, you can assign employee to shifts and locations and map them in the real time. More details about GPS solutions can be found at

GPS technology is advancing very quickly. New models are being developed every year to correct problems in the older versions, focusing on improved accuracy, better reception, and even more user-friendly features.

CampusA2Z Network to Sell, Purchase , exchange Books and many more

Campusa2z Network is a public website with the purpose of connecting textbook buyers and sellers so that they may purchase or sell their books in person or through the mail. The intended audience is individual college students, though anyone may use the site to buy and/or sell text books.

Campusa2z Network is unique among other book sales websites in that it provides a way for users to find other students within their own school, program of study, and/or geographic area. This allows users the option to complete transactions in person and avoid the hassles and fees involved in shipping and online payment methods. It allows sellers to leave a book available for sale indefinitely (as opposed to a fixed-length auction site). Sellers may also set a desired price and accept or reject offers.

Campusa2z Network is also unique in that it is free to use for both buyers and sellers. A fee is only charged if you use CampusXchange to collect payment on your behalf for the books or items on the site.

Campusa2z Network has two different types of users: Guests (anonymous visitors) and registered users. Registered users may be buyers and/or sellers at any given time. Guest can only browse.

Campusa2z Network’s primary aim is to enable person to person exchange whenever possible within an student community of a University Campus. Buyers and sellers are put in contact with each other through the forms provided on the website and they are prompted to follow a series of steps in order to buy or sell books. All transactions utilize usernames, so the e-mail addresses are concealed until the transaction has successfully completed.

When personal can also collect payment for any transaction on behalf of the users, if so required.

Why Use Used Books?

The rising cost of higher education means higher financial burden on everyone. Paying for a higher education these days is not easy. In addition to paying today’s steep tuition prices, students are required to invest in prescribed text books. At the end of the term, once you’re done with those books, they’re of no use to you anymore. They are virtually of no use to you. That was until now. Instead of making that money sit in your bookshelves, you could now sell your textbooks to your friends that will take the same course in the next term. It will get you cash that you can use to buy other text books for your new course. This is a win-win situation for everyone. We aim to reduce the cost to successfully complete your studies.

Depending on what you’re going to be majoring in, you may have to take a very broad assortment of classes ? This usually means a fairly high textbook bill! Whether you need a math textbook, chemistry textbook, or an economics textbook, you’ll be able to save a considerable amount of money by recycling them to other students in your departments instead. Used textbooks can save you a little cash, but you’ll save even more money by buying or selling the books that you need locally.

RapidPRotect– A best family tracking mobile app
Rapidsoftsystems– A software and Hardware development Company, USA

On paper, buying a used textbook may seem like a wise financial decision. Unfortunately, there are not many avenues to buy and sell it. So is designed to do just that.
Looking for used textbooks? Look no further. campusa2z Network guarantees quality used textbooks at competitive prices, and we have over 5 Million used and new books.

For More details about campus exchange, visit :

A Review Of RoadSafe Driver: Technology for Safety on the Roads

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 369,629 people died on America’s roads between 2001 and 2009!  A lot of these accidents could have been avoided had either of the drivers been more careful.

Mobile app developers have taken note of the need for tools that can help drivers stay alert when on the road. The RoadSafe Driver App is the latest entrant in this space.

What’s The RoadSafe Driver App About?

This GPS enabled app is extremely useful for those who love to drive and spend long hours on the road. It can be downloaded on both Android and BlackBerry smartphones, and is aimed at promoting driver safety.

The app can be configured to encourage drivers to concentrate more on the road and drive in a legally permissible manner. Some of the key features of RoadSafe Driver include:

  • Phone lock to block texting capabilities when driving: This lets the driver focus on staying on the road and avoid getting distracted by thumbing SMS replies when behind the wheel.


  • Speed notification: This is an optional inbuilt feature within the app that lets users key in a number into the app where a notification can be sent by the phone in the event of the driver exceeding the pre-set speed limit.


  • Auto Reply: Installing this App on a phone running RoadSafe Driver will help send auto replies to text messages received on the phone during driving. This way, senders of any urgent SMSs will be notified about the driver’s unavailability during the driving period.


  • Driving Control: The Driving Control feature of the app will make the phone’s LED blink in Red when the driver exceeds the set upper speed limit, in addition to sending notification to the specified number registered within the app.

Advantages of RoadSafe Driver app:

  • This app will help drivers regulate their own driving speed and ensure that they maintain discipline on the roads.


  • The app can even be used to monitor hired drivers and ensure that they follow the pre-set speed limit.


  • It’s an extremely helpful app for parents and schools, to enforce safe driving practices among kids as well as hired school bus and car drivers.

RoadSafe Driver can be installed and used on the following modes:

  1. Driver Mode: In this mode, the phone will automatically get locked when the speed exceeds the preset lower limit. If the upper speed limit is also set, in the Driver Mode, the phone will even generate a notification message about over-speeding.


  1. Non-Driver Mode: This mode can be set by users when traveling as passengers. In this mode, there is no automatic locking down of the phone’s features.

What’s missing in the app?

The Roadsafe Driver app could have had additional monitoring features like an inbuilt GPS tracker that parents could have used to monitor the movements of their teenage children. The GPS feature would have been helpful to even send out alerts in case of any emergency, giving the app a more comprehensive role of ensuring security on the roads.

Link to download the app: